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Antonia L. Berry







Antonia L. Berry has always been passionate about helping people meet their personal goals and needs. As a banker for twenty years she is fully aware of the effects that "life" can have on our skin and overall well being. In 2014 she decided to launch her own skincare company, ANGELIC BEAUTY CREATIONS, focusing on natural health and skincare solutions for men, women & children. Angelic Beauty Creations offers an array of skin care products for all skin types. The Distinguished Gentleman Collection is devoted to the men and includes a product line specifically crafted for our Bearded Gentleman. In 2016 she would leave the world of banking and embark on a new journey in life as an Esthetician. And in 2019 she would venture out on her own, opening the doors of PRANA SPA & WELLNESS, offering various skin care & beauty treatments for men, women and children of all ages.  For her, being an Esthetician is not just about taking care of someone's face. It's about guiding people to a place where they love what they see and how they feel. Her goal for every client is look great, feel even better. It gives her great pleasure knowing that she is helping someone both inside and out. A natural at what she does, she is often told that she has a very kind touch and that you can tell she truly loves what she does.  As a woman of abuse, Antonia established THE WOMAN I SEE, an organization to support women who have been mentally, physically & verbally abused and those who are seeking to help. She is not a victim, she is a survivor... She also established HEALTH CONSCIOUS, a group that promotes "healthy choices" and "healthy lifestyle" changes. It gives her great joy to know that she could help someone or guide them to a better place in life.  In her free time, Antonia loves spending cherished moments with her beautiful children and close family & friends. Grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, she plans to change the look of the world one face at a time...


"Look great, feel even better..."

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